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$1.1 Million In Dauphin County Gaming Grants Distributed

Churches and Solar Farms to receive funding.  Another waste of money as the financial state of Harrisburg worsens. 

More than $1.1 million in gaming grants Dauphin County commissioners approved today will finance expansion of the county solar energy farm, emergency medical services communication upgrades and preservation of historic Harrisburg churches.

A $1 million grant to the county industrial development authority is for the $3 million second phase of the solar farm, Commission Chairman Jeff Haste said. He said the project is on budget and the $4 million first phase is beating electricity production estimates. There is a 10-year payback on the farm, which is expected to supply 40 percent of county government energy needs, he said.

A $100,000 grant to Pinnacle Health System will help improve EMS communications, Commissioner George Hartwick III said.

He said a $25,000 grant to the Interdenominational Ministers Conference of Greater Harrisburg is for a project to preserve six to eight churches. The city and state also are funding the venture, he said.

The grant money, which commissioners awarded at their own discretion, comes from the county’s share of slot machine revenue at the Hollywood Casino in EastHanoverTownship.

 – Published by The Patriot News  September 12, 2012

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