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Harrisburg Liberty Alliance Supports Member Josh Barry

josh_barryThe Harrisburg Liberty Alliance supports member and friend Josh Barry as he battles the East Pennsboro Area School Board.  Stand strong Josh; You have our support!

East Pennsboro Area School District parent Josh Barry says he was accused of possibly being a neo-Nazi by the district’s union president after he questioned his daughter’s homework assignment, which included a New York Times article on the government shutdown that he felt was biased. Barry addresses the district school board regarding the issue.


Josh Barry recently was accused of possibly being a neo-Nazi by an East Pennsboro Area Middle School teacher after he questioned the political slant of his daughter’s homework assignment on the government shutdown, which he felt had a political left-leaning bias.

East Pennsboro Area School Board’s meeting on Thursday night was Barry’s chance to publicly respond, and he didn’t mince words.

Barry called for the resignation or termination of Cydnee Cohen, a middle school learning-support teacher, who Barry has said accused him of possibly being a neo-Nazi.

“I’m calling for no less than acceptance of her resignation or termination of her employment as a teacher. Anything less is condoning her actions,” Barry said.

Barry, who is Jewish, posted on YouTube a phone message left by Cohen, who is the leader of the district’s teachers union. In the message, Cohen asked a mutual Facebook friend of Barry’s whether she thinks he could be a neo-Nazi.

“There is something that must be clearly illustrated here,” Barry said in his comments to the school board. “This was an attempt by a teacher inside the school district and union president to stop me and smear my name simply because I questioned the bias of a school assignment.”

The assignment, which included a New York Times article on the government shutdown and an associated worksheet, was intended to help students work on nonfiction-reading skills.

Barry said other topics could have been used in the classroom to teach the same lesson. “The problem with public schools being used as left-leaning indoctrination centers is reaching near epidemic level,” he said.

Cohen has apologized, Barry said.

The school district, which is investigating the issue, released this statement:

“The district planned to meet with a parent who had a concern about a class assignment. A teacher that was not involved with the assignment took it upon themselves to address the issue that was made public by the parent on Oct. 24, 2013. The teacher’s actions are not supported or sanctioned by the administration and school board of EastPennsboroAreaSchool District. The district is looking further into this situation and will take appropriate actions.”

Published by, The Patriot News November 7, 2013

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