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Harrisburg Man Arrested For Illegal Dumping

illegal dumpingMayor Thompson…..Here’s your Scumbag!

A Harrisburg man has been arrested for taking money from people to dump trash and then illegally dumping it behind a city church.

Police say 48-year-old Charles Whittington was taken into custody this afternoon and has been charged with several offenses including criminal mischief and theft. They say Whittington took money from people who thought they were paying to have the trash legally taken to the dump but instead he illegally dumped it near the corner of Sycamore and South Cameron Street.

Dauphin County Commissioner said they cleaned up the site but that Whittington is just one of many offenders in the county.

“Enough is enough,” said commissioner Mike Pries, who oversees the county’s Illegal Dumping Task Force and Waste Management and Recycling Department. “We’re serious about cracking down on illegal dumping and ridding our streets and neighborhoods of unsightly trash.”

Pries requested the anyone who sees illegal dumping should call police or Dauphin County’s Waste Management and Recycling Department at 717-982-6772.

Published by, ABC27.com April 25, 2013

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson – Scumbag Video

This video was sent to us by a Harrisburg Liberty Alliance radio show listener. We thought this video was hilarious.  The Harrisburg Liberty Alliance will be erecting a large 4ft by 8ft sign at the corner of a high traffic area in Perry County.  The sign will note: “Scumbags Welcome”.

New Mexico Gov. Martinez To Repeal Illegal Immigrant Law

immigration-usa-cartoon-420x292When will we choose to follow the Constitution as written and realize that it does not change in order to cater to the powers of political correctness?  Illegal immigration isn’t just a fight for the border states.  This is a problem that all states should be actively combating.

Gov. Susana Martinez said Wednesday that she remained committed to “full repeal” of a New Mexico law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses despite signaling a willingness to compromise with state Democrats a day earlier. 

Speaking at a press conference about a new state driver’s license system, Martinez told reporters that she will continue to push for a repeal of the law even though Senate Democrats have blocked the Republican governor’s previous attempts and have warned that another repeal attempt had no chance of passing. 

“This is what I hear from people across the state,” Martinez said. “They support a repeal of this law.” 

Martinez told the Albuquerque Journal on Tuesday that she would consider legislation that creates a driver’s permit for illegal immigrants that couldn’t be used as identification. Her comments to the newspaper signaled for the first time since taking office that she would consider a compromise bill that would allow illegal immigrants to somehow legally drive in the state. In the past, Martinez said she would not support anything besides repeal. 

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Harrisburg, PA Mayor Linda Thompson – “Goats Eat Poison Ivory.”